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postcard cha-ching

postcard cha-ching

Can you drop simple postcards in the mail? – Just like the one you may have received in your mailbox!

We won’t make any grandiose claims of riches for you. But, if you will accept our invitation to make a significant change in your lifestyle, we can say with complete confidence, you will, upon following the system, go on to earn a six figure income within a year. Pay for the yearly Bronze membership and you could be earning money as soon as (within) 24 hours.

Postcard Cha-ching is YOUR ticket to financial freedom. If you are tired of being broke and living an average middle class life, you better not ignore our easy postcard mailing system. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to completely overhaul your way of life, as you know it. We do all the work for you. All you need to do is drop the postcards in the mailbox.

Discover how you can make a full time income without recruiting family members or friends, selling stuff most people do not want, or even talking to anyone to make referrals or sales. Our postcards do the work of making you sales, while your only job is to drop the cards in the mailbox. Our advertisers get exposure and you earn a fat paycheck by doing so.

Our program is designed only for those individuals who want to succeed in life with a ‘No Excuse’ attitude. Success is simple. We MAKE it complicated with our mental roadblocks. Postcard Cha-ching is designed as such, not just to make you a ‘living’ but help you bring about complete financial freedom.

If you want to make money, which is the ONLY thing which matters to the financial well being of your family, you will follow the guidelines set up by Postcard Cha-ching.

postcard cha-ching

postcard cha-ching
How does it work?

Each mailed postcard has 2-5 advertisers who will pay you to advertise their products and/or services. Each advertiser must be an existing member to benefit from our advertising services. Since a good number of the advertising on our postcards are regionally targeted, a local business is your prime customer.

New members on average are suggested to send a minimum of 10 cards per day. This is the average cost of daily commute to work. Each postcard has a cumulative net profit value of approximately $50 at Bronze level and $100 at the Silver level. Payments are made every 15th and last day of each month.

If you WANT to make $100 – $300 per day, by simply dropping a few postcards in the mail, you will..

Follow the system. – As an example, It’s like the work you do at your job. Every job has its own rules, system and responsibilities for each employee. Break them often and guess what happens? You get FIRED!

Not lose focus. – Postcard Cha-ching has its own rules, system and responsibilities for our independent members in place. If you are a good and motivated business person, you will do the right thing and follow the simple system to the letter, at all times.

Be persistent. – A job forces an employee to get ready for work every day. Why? There are consequences! In an independent enterprise, you may find ways and means to slack up on your daily duties. There are consequences here as well. Just that, those consequences are not apparent right away.

If you can follow these 3 rules faithfully, you will make $100 – $300 (even more) daily. Keep in mind, there is no one to talk to, no sales pitch to be made. No pone calls are required and you won’t need to pester anyone to signup with the latest and greatest business opportunity. Our postcards do the work for you and our advertisers, like no marketing campaign can.

postcard cha-ching

Think about this for a moment!

A typical employee who puts in his/her 40 hr work week spends an average of $1000 or more annually on their commute, not to speak of unpaid wages on time & money spent on travel, clothing and meals. They never get reimbursed for it. That is their cost of doing business for their boss. One can’t even get credit for these expenses on their taxes!

Your Postcard Cha-ching system will cost you less than 1/4 of your annual, (to and from) on the job travel and miscellaneous expenses. Plus, it has the realistic potential of making you $100 – $300 or even more, per day. Not to say, you can add your Postcard Cha-ching system purchase as a deduction for cost of doing business on your tax returns.

postcard cha-ching

For a limited time, you can get started in this business free of cost. How?

Open a no fee, free checking account and get $50 bonus in hard cash. Once you open your account and conduct a few transactions, you will get credited with $50 in cash.

You will also get a referral link which allows you to earn $20 per new member who opens a new account. You can earn a maximum of $1000 with this program. Some of our members are almost there. Get your $1000, before they end the program.

When was the last time anyone gave you $1000 for free? No catch. No nothing.

Get $50 cash bonus free & $20 per referral thereafter.

After you open your checking account,

you will get your own referral link. Once you become a Bronze Member, we will add your referral link (at your request) on the main page so you can get additional $20 cash benefits.

Postcard Chaching! - Brief Overview!

Click here to check a name for your website!

DO NOT buy the domain name. Just make sure it is available and write it down.

You will be asked to enter the name during registration. We will register, pay, setup, maintain and renew your site every year. We do not accept existing or member registered names.

Account Support : I have 2 virtual assistants who can answer any issues you may have related to your account. Always send them your Postcard Cha-ching User Name along with your query via the Support Ticket System. Do not open a ticket unless you are a member.

No Refund Policy : For each order we process, we use funds to instantly pay sales commission (cumulative 70% on Bronze & Silver levels) to the individual who made the sale. We register your domain name, set it up and maintain a website for you, which goes ‘LIVE’ within 12-24 hours. Your ‘LIVE’ website is available to take instant orders.

At the Silver level, we print postcards and ship them to you within 24 hours with receiving time of 7-12 days. Each Bronze account gets a minimum of 1000 advertising clicks to their website. For these reasons, we have a ‘No Refund Policy’. Please read our ‘terms’ before you place an order.

Payments : Members receive 70% commissions over Bronze and Silver packages in cumulative amount of $50.00 at the Bronze level and $100 for the Silver level. Commission payments are made on the 15th and the last day of the month for minimum balance which accrues to $100.

For U.S. residents only : If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still operate Postcard Cha-ching. Open a Support Ticket via the Support link below along with this code : enterpriseblack

We will guide you on how to open an account via mail.

What happens after you order your Postcard Chaching membership?

Before you order, make sure you have chosen a good name for your website. A name starting with ‘postcard’ and ending with your ‘first name’ works best. Keep in mind, do not register the name. We will do it for you. This is a requirement every member should follow.

After payment, you will click on ‘return to merchant’ link which will take you to a short pre-registration form. Use your ‘PayPal email’ in the registration form as this is where you will be sent your payments. An email will be sent so you can confirm your pre-registration. Click on the email link and you will be taken to a final registration form.

Enter details in the form accurately and submit. Your website will be ‘live’ within 12-24 hours, all ready to take orders for you. Your postcards will be sent via UPS or USPS within 7-12 days. While you wait for your postcards to arrive via mail, your website will be ready to accept sales orders within 12-24 hours. Your website ad-clicks advertising will begin within 12-24 hours as well.

Postcard Cha-ching is member managed. Any questions you may have may be directed to our virtual assistants via the support link. Members are given priority over non members for open support tickets.

postcard cha-ching

postcard cha-ching

Order your Postcard Cha-ching membership

and get started with a system which produces $100 – $300 in hard cash every single day.

In the member area, you will be presented with an opportunity to order your postcards. You can order our pre-designed postcards and mail it yourself or have us mail it for you.

Postcard Cha-ching ‘postcard’ mailing program is open ‘ONLY’ to residents of the United States. However, anyone can join in to participate with our affiliate program and earn 50% cumulative commissions at the bronze level. The only difference is – Affiliates outside of the United States will not receive any of our mailers or postcards.

There are 3 steps to the Postcard Cha-ching program, all of which advertises our sponsor messages, products and/or services. Your membership lasts a year and you are virtually assured of a profitable enterprise if you follow the system guidelines.

The Bronze level allows you to join Postcard Cha-ching as a member. We allocate 1000 ad clicks to your active account, register and pay for your domain name, set up, maintain and renew your website every year so you can just focus on mailing your postcards; the easiest work anyone can do.

At the Silver level, you can opt to order your premium card in bulk while receiving 10,000 ad clicks to your website.

Your Silver level membership allows the system to keep its automation and help keep it running without intervention. The Silver membership package also includes your account in our national advertising database where your business will be actively marketed to new clients.

At the Gold level, you can order your custom postcards either sent directly to you or have us mail it; plus, Gold members receive 25,000 visitor ad clicks to their website. In each case, we will send you information on how to access our premier mailing lists.

Custom Orders – If you CANNOT afford the Silver or Gold level postcard orders, you can request a custom order and our virtual assistants will send you a quote or you can order direct with the options provided under the ‘Order’ (coming soon) menu tab.

postcard cha-ching
postcard cha-ching

Can $100 – $300 a day make a difference in your life?

Can you pay all your bills, debts and live a stress free life?

All you need to do in return for these fabulous benefits is drop a few postcards in your mailbox. This is what I have been doing for months and my life has never been the same.

If you are ready to earn $100 – $300 or more everyday, order your membership below. Follow the system as prescribed. Do not do your own thing. Just follow the system for maximum results.

postcard cha-ching

IMPORTANT NOTE : Code on Postcard :

If the code shown on the postcard you received is different than the one you see on this web-page, use the code shown on this page during registration. It may take 7-12 days for your postcards to arrive at your registered address in the system. Your website will go live and will be ready to take orders within 12-24 hours.

Before you create a new account, choose a good domain name which will represent your Postcard Cha-ching website. A name starting with ‘Postcard‘ and ending with your ‘first name‘ works best. eg PostcardMike .com: You will be required to submit the name during registration process after you make payment below.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle - Join the ranks who want to transform their life! Check your Referrer & Invite Code!

Referred ByMaurice Baptiste : Code on Postcardenterpriseblack

Your Sponsor Maurice would like you to…

postcard cha-ching

Hi! My name is Maurice!

I encourage you to join Postcard Cha-ching. Do not join, if you merely want to experiment or test the program. Join in with the intent to become 100% financially free, like I did.

I do not come into contact with any of my clients and I do not engage in high pressure sales tactics. I drop on average a minimum of 10 postcards a day as prescribed by the system which translates into an average cost of a daily commute to work. I make at least 1 sale per day and even more when I drop more cards in the mailbox.

I made an investment in my future. I am now committed to Postcard Cha-ching full time. It’s very profitable and I do not worry about money any more. Besides the money, the best part is, I don’t HAVE to be at home to do this. I could be traveling all across the country or even the world and have my postcards delivered to prime prospects whenever I choose to. The virtual assistants at Postcard Cha-ching will do this for you as well.

The way the system is designed, it is meant to make you financially independent. This program is for the very serious entrepreneur only. If you are afraid to make a small investment to be able to live a completely different life than the one you experience right now, this is not for you. One can’t have the best, for nothing. There is always a price to be paid. Yet, Postcard Cha-ching is a small price to pay.

If you are someone who desires to give your family, the best life ever, I invite you to our progressive team of forward looking individuals.

To your complete success and well being.

Maurice Baptiste

Do you Posses the Sixth Sense?

Do you remember the movie, The Sixth Sense?

In the movie, there were people walking around thinking that they were alive, but in truth, they really were dead and didn’t even know it.

Ever so often, this holds true for so many people; despite how grinding and undesirable their life is, they won’t do anything different to change it.

It is not hard to recognize these people. Even I was, at one point in my life, a dead version of the living. These people aren’t dead because they do not breathe, eat or sleep. They do!. They are dead because…

– They make excuses in the form of justification. They would rather be right than wealthy.

– They have no ambition beyond life sustenance. If they claim they do, they have no action to back it up.

– They blame everyone else for their problems, but never their choices and/or decision making.

– They have a ‘something for nothing’ mentality. A great life can’t be had free or with bargain basement prices.

I knew someone like that once. It was me! Do you know someone like this?

Don’t be afraid to lay claim to this mindset, if you are one such person.

There are so many who go to their graves with their dreams unfulfilled. They would rather clutch hard to their petty jobs and current lifestyle – by always justifying with a defense even seasoned lawyers will bow down to.

Many people die at twenty five and aren’t buried until they are seventy five. – Benjamin Franklin

Each of us has to decide whether or not we will live our lives to the fullest or just exist. We try hard to tell people who visit Postcard Cha-ching, that they cannot live the best life there is by way of corporate servitude.

There are a million ways to spend the life we have. And we chose this – what we have today.

What little time you have on this planet, make it count. Don’t spend it in a cubicle. You could be in a million different places, doing a million different things. You have the power to set yourself FREE! I can change. You can change. We can change. We have the power to bring those changes, in the decisions we make. Today!

Postcard Chaching Membership (Domain Reg + Website + Post Cards + 1000 Adclicks)
Postcard Chaching Membership (Domain Reg + Website + Post Cards + 1000 Adclicks)

Postcard Chaching - Exclusive Annual Bronze Membership. Includes premium postcards, 1000 website advertising clicks, domain registration, website set up, maintenance + yearly renewal.

Price: $100.00

Enter Code on Your Postcard:

Code on Postcardenterpriseblack

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Postcard Chaching - Make money mailing postcards!
Postcard Chaching - Make money mailing postcards!
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